TEKXIA product range is based on the SPOEC platform, Self Powered Outdoor Embedded Computer

General presentation

SPOEC is a self-contained, energy-efficient embedded platform for outdoor use.

The SPOEC unit is coupled with a photovoltaic panel.
SPOEC is equipped with a secure battery LiFePo4 of a very long autonomy
SPOEC incorporates a high-performance battery charger for LiFePo4 batteries.

Each set (Unit and Photo Voltaic Panel) set is very simple and very quick to install
This competitive feature is protected by a patent.

SPOEC has a very powerful data processing unit:
ARMcortex QuadCore A53 @ 1.2GHz associated with 1GB of RAM and 4GB of Flash which can be increased thanks to a Memory Card
SPOEC provides sockets for a wide range of telecom interfaces (3G / 4G, Wifi, LoRa, Sigfox, RFID ..)

Its swiveling front panel makes it possible to house a wide variety of sensors (video, PIR, Doppler, etc.).
Supplied with Linux OS, the development of applications using standard protocols is very simple.

Short Time to Market
SPOEC is the platform reasy for fast design of devices for isolated outdoor sites, limiting the development to specific sensors and embedded software.

SPOEC has multiple features for vandal-proof requirements
Data processed by SPOEC can be saved securely, locally and mirrored in a remote server.

Electronic features

Buck / Boost charger with MPPT algorithm for LiFePO4 batteries
Monitoring the state of the battery
Stop / start system by push button or remotely at scheduled time intervals
Standby / wake up of the processor under Linux by the sensors or by one of the telecom interfaces
Microphone and speaker for audio
Temperature, humidity and brightness sensors for ambient data

Mechanical features

Patented device for quick and universal installation (on candelabra, tubes, wall, ceiling ..)
Waterproof for outdoor use
Front panel orientable in site and azimuth around a kneecap
Cover for concealing pushbuttons, connections of the photovoltaic panel, adjustment of the orientation of the panel.
Vandal-proof devices: Padlocks anti-disassembly, intrusion attempt detectors


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