Examples of SPOEC based solutions

SPOEC is the ideal platform in order to propose various standalone solutions for sites where it is difficult even impossible to connect to a power supply or a cable telecom network.
These applications include:
– Bridges and aggregations between telecom networks (eg LORA – 3G ..)
– Data collection terminals
– Various outdoor sensor units
– Etc.



MobiProtec is a video surveillance solution for temporary or isolated sites.
It is based on the SPOEC platform, supplemented by a dedicated embedded software and a SPOEC web portal is available in HubUnits and CamUnits.
HubUnits are autonomous energy routers between a WiFi local network and the cloud via 3G / 4G link.
The CamUnits are autonomous energy cameras connected in WiFi to HubUnits in order to transmit to the portal in the web the videos captured.